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I've been conducting some "super secret" testing of some of the more popular detox beverages over the past few months. Qcarbo 32 is the name of one of these that kept springing up in several Facebook groups I visit. I'll start by saying that the several reviews I examined on Qcarbo32 detox revealed a significant disparity. People anticipate the best when they see the word "maximum power" on a good. Some said it helped, while others said they had tested positive for substances. To better understand what was going on, I decided to delve deeper into it, gather feedback from users online as well as from people I knew who had used it, and conduct a detailed investigation on how it compared to other cleansing products on the market.

So, if you put your trust in Qcarbo32 for your cleanup demands, read this Qcarbo32 review first.

There is a large amount of supposedly scientific evidence that supports the claim that aspartame (Nutrasweet) is safe -- and a casual web search will likely lead you first to these websites before you go on to what industry labels as "scare" sites. These industry sites were not created to tell you the truth about aspartame. They are propaganda sites trying to convince you that aspartame is safe by making misleading claims and misrepresenting the scientific research. Some people may turn to detox methods to rid their bodies of aspartame and other harmful substances. However, it's important to approach detox with caution and consult with a healthcare professional before starting any regimen, especially if it involves taking pills. They want to convince you to keep buying their products, and fatten their wallets at the expense of your health and that of your family.

Remember that anyone can post anything on the internet, and anyone can make false statements and call them facts without consequence. These pro-aspartame sites have rightfully earned "urban legend" status, in spite of them bandying that term about to denigrate their critics. We offer you the plain truth about aspartame, being ourselves victims of its nasty effects.

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Does Whole Foods Drug Test?

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Aspartame makes you fatter! Why even use it?

Do you suffer from fibromyalgia?
       Double blind studies show aspartame connection.



Aspartame and Unhealthy Food Additive Reading List

Check out these links:

The Aspartame Victims Support Group

Nancy Markle Home Page -the truth about the famous e-mail

Sweet Poison - Dr. Janet Starr Hull

Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Toxicity Information Center - the most visited aspartame site on the internet - Russell Blaylock, MD - Important articles on Aspartame and other topics


The Truth About Aspartame

You can consume aspartame for awhile without realizing that you are experiencing any side effects.

Thousands of people experience side effects related to aspartame and come to find out that this is the source of their suffering.

Both statements are defitely true. There is no contradiction. But industry funded sites and their defenders deny such statements. Nutrasweet denies that is is possible for anyone to suffer any bad effects from their product, although any aspartame victim who knows he is one can tell you that if he accidentally ingests aspartame, his symptoms return. Their denial of something so obvious shows that they are dishonest and arrogant beyond redemption. Their scorn for victims is unconscionable.

One defender of aspartame on the Internet makes the claim that "It doesn't take a math degree to realize that with, for example, thirty million regular aspartame users, three thousand reports of adverse reactions means 99.99% of the people using aspartame experience no side effects." Actually, they have no data on the number of aspartame victims, and the use of the number "99.99%" in the same breath that they are "defending science" and attacking "pseudo-science" is an obvious contradiction. No one has ever conducted a survey to find out how many aspartame victims there are, so no statistics exist.

If you've been consuming aspartame without thinking you have any problems as a result, chances are you have symptoms that you simply don't associate with aspartame use. If, on the other hand, you consume aspartame and have obvious health problems that no doctor has been able to help you with, I strongly recommend you take the "aspartame challenge": stop consuming all aspartame products for at least a few weeks and see if your symptoms are alleviated. We have fond this to be true: that people who give up aspartame find that a lot of the symptoms they had - arthritic pain, vision problems, migraines, for example, go away. Who would not welcome a chance to rid of these symptoms?


Science and Facts

Check out the following links for scientific data and factual reporting on Aspartame:

The following are reports and other collections of facts about aspartame. Many of them were written by doctors and medical researchers. Although the sellers of this poison spend a lot of money in political payoffs, public relations, and buying off or pressuring journalists and news organizations, along with controlling the content of the information that a lot of medical organizations and foundations give out to the public, they cannot cover up the facts. The truth of the sad and dangerous situation brought about by the mass poisoning of the consumer public is right here.

57 separate reports which document the dangers of aspartame

The Bressler Report - how they faked the lab tests for aspartame

Aspartame and Diabetes - bad combination

Aspartame and Blindness - don't be blinded by "science"

Aspartame and other eyes problems - dry eyes, suspected retinopathy

Aspartame and Brain Tumors - the most dangerous and insidious problem

More on Brain Tumors

Aspartame and Headaches - the most common, tell-tale sign

Aspartame and Joint Pain - a Funny Bone from Hell

Aspartame and Multiple Sclerosis - a most tragic consequence

Aspartame and the FDA - the fox minding the chicken coop

Aspartame and Labelling - at least tell us what's in there

Aspartame and the famous "92 symptoms" reported to the FDA in 1995, on US Department of Health and Human Services stationary - obtained with the freedom of information act

Aspartame breaks down into formaldehyde - facts on that subject - the University of Barcelona proved that aspartame forms formaldehyde and that it stored cumulatively in your body.

Aspartame Spanish language information

The 1984 Arizona State University report on aspartame toxicity. This study proves that the caveat that the fact of traces of methanol in fruit juice supposedly indicates that aspartame is safe is a lie, and that NutraSweet has known this all along.

Aspartame and pregnancy, lactating mothers, and infants - reports from the Emory School of Medicine and from Dr. H.J. Roberts, MD

Aspartame makers and ties to the Nazis- "Nutrapoison"

Aspartame and the role of Public Relations Firms in forming public opinion

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Aspartame Dangers Revealed!
Sweetpoison, written by author Dr. Janet Starr Hull, is a book exposing aspartame dangers. provides a variety of aspartame information, nutritional advice on detoxification and various aspartame resources.

Download this 1999 report by FOX5 in Washington DC which outlines the prefidy involved in the approval of aspartame. The FDA got a new director whose job it was to approve aspartame in spite of all of the scientific evidence that the FDA itself had acquired. Unbelievable. Click on this link and the report, a Real Player presentation, will download and open up in your Real Player plugin:


Press release from the institute which conducted the study - VERY INFORMATIVE

BBC NEWS STORY ON THIS REPORT tries to spin the story and minimize its importance
Last updated July 27th, 2022