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* Used with permission from Mr. Dewey

Make sure you read his aspartame column:

Sweetness Disguised as Disease or Death?
also Known As Equal�, Nutrasweet� and Spoonful�
by columnist, David Lawrence Dewey �1998

"The most comprehensive article about aspartame on the net... how it got approved when it shouldn't have by the FDA, the corrupt politics... and what and how this deadly chemical effects the human body. ...it has been read by millions."

The following information appears in Mr. Dewey's column as well:

Here is the information on who owns aspartame.org =Calorie Central Council.


They are a client of the Kellen Company.

A person using the name of MEAGANUGA works for the Calorie Central Council, which is "an international association of manufacturers of low-calorie and reduced-fat foods and beverages."  She has posted many pro-aspartame messages on message boards. * See below for link.

The Calorie Central Council has approximately 60 members, including the manufacturers of alternative sweeteners, fat replacers and low-calorie bulking agents."

The CCC runs aspartame.org, and is a client of the Kellen Company.

The Kellen Company is an employee-owned professional services company providing a full range of management, consulting and specialty services toassociations and businesses since its founding in 1964. 160 employees operate from modern headquarters facilities in Atlanta, Brussels, New York,Tucson and Washington, D.C.

*Interesting the National Soft Drink Association is no longer listed as a client.
However in 2001, they were representing them at the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS COMMISSION  in Canada.

Kellen was co-authors of this paper in 2004:

Position of the American Dietetic Association:
Use of Nutritive and Nonnutritive Sweeteners
* they talk about aspartame


Robert Gilardi - CEO of KELLEN - testified at OSHA for the American Compressed Association
*Trying to discredit complaints of poor equipment from workers among Gas Suppliers...

Andrew G. Ebert is an Officer of the Kellen Company, since the company is employee owned, he owns stock in the company as well.

In 1992, FDA appointed both Andrew G. Ebert, Ph.D., IGTC chairman, and Kristin McNutt, Ph.D. ,paid spokesperson for the IGTC, to the FDA Food Advisory Committee. As a food-industry pharmacologist and toxicologist, Ebert has provided scientific and technical expertise for programs of many associations managed by The Kellen Company.

His nomination to the FDA Food Advisory Committee did not refer to his affiliation with the IGTC, but listed him only as Senior Vice President of The Kellen Company. Ebert is also an active member of the Institute of Food Technologists(IFT). Daryl Altman, M.D., a spokesperson for the glutamate industry, worked for former IFT president Al Clausi, Vice Chairman of Allerx, Inc. and itsmedical affiliate, The Food Allergy Center. Altman has spoken publicly about the safety of monosodium glutamate, often with Taylor. The IFIC promotes them as speakers without mention of the fact that they represent the glutamate industry. L.T. Chiaramonte, M.D., who has co-authored work for the IGTC with Altman, has served on the medical advisory board of The Food AllergyCenter.

Ebert continues to play a major role for the IGTC. However, following exposure of the fact that research protocols used by IGTC sponsored researchers were flawed to the point of being fraudulent, including, for example, use of MSG and other reactive materials in placebos provided to researchers by the IGTC, Ebert was replaced as IGTC chairman.
Ebert continues, however, as an officer of the Robert H. Kellen Company.

* Talk about an unethical conflict of interest and how could he have ever been appointed to an FDA Board?


Also in EUROPE:

* same as above

A Google search on the name "meaganUGA" shows thats she has posted on a few other sites about this same issue, each time not disclosing her relationship to this council.


BOTTOM LINE: Do not believe anything that the Calorie Cental Council puts out about the so called "safety" of aspartame. They are paid to do that!

WHO OWNS ASPARTAME.ORG = Calorie Central Council

   Calorie Central Council 
   5775 G Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE
   Atlanta, GA 30342
   Domain Name: ASPARTAME.ORG
   Record expires on 14-Mar-2006
   Record created on 24-Sep-2002
   Database last updated on 07-Jul-2004

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